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Some fun in the Kitchen

We had some fun filming how to core an apple with the EasyCore (yes we are rebranding). We hope you have as much fun watching, as we did making the latest video. Tell us how you use your EasyCore.





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We are officially in the Retail Sector!

Much gratitude to Quality Foods who are now carrying the StrawberEase in all of their stores! Everyone is loving their StrawberEase! Remember it easily cores every fruit and vegetables not just strawberries!




Additionally, we are proud to announce that the StrawberEase is now available at the Worldly Gourmet in Ladysmith, British Columbia! Thank you Jenny Jarvis! If you are looking for absolutely ANYTHING in the way of kitchen wares, Worldly Gourmet really does have it all.


Sasha Srdic shares his thoughts…

…about gratitude, giving back and passing it forward in this television interview.


A huge thank you to our U.S. customers!

More and more of you are ordering and loving our product. We are so very grateful! Because of the demand for the StrawberEase, we had run out of inventory in our U.S. warehouse without triggering our low inventory alert. We have solved the technical problem and now have inventory en route to the U.S. For those of you that have not received your order, it is on it’s way! We anticipate delivery of all back orders within the next 10 business days. Our apologies for the delay and thank you so much for your support.

The Ease Cuisine Team


We Placed 3rd at the Nanaimo Pub Summit of Innovation! Watch the video below! People love the StrawberEase!

One of the judges bought the StrawberEase that Sasha was using to pitch/demo the product!


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